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Mature audience only – This ebook is not suitable for persons under 18 years old

This is the first ebook in the series. The initial storyline is based on events from 2018 to 2023, and how short-sighted leadership in China forced the nation into a no-win situation. When they realise an imminent catastrophe would devastate their nation they formulate plans to dupe the whole world. The Australians enjoying a life of relative affluence are late in responce to a subtle attack that rips through the nation.

The Russian leader seeks to reclaim the divided territory of the old Soviet Union by force. Tunnelled visioned he ignores the obvious, which leaves his nation venerable.

Despite having diverse militaries, both countries are under-prepared for developments that become a fight for their survival.

Be enlightened to know, how simple it would be for the nation to be duped and taken over by an organised, deceitful, and determined foreign force.  The unbelievable horrors in the story are reasoned by the invading force as a duty to their nation. The story expands on how this insanity prevails against new enemies.

Read how the mightiest navy in the world can have a bad day, and limps back home having underestimated their foe.

And how revenge, is not a victory, but the downfall of both aggressor and defender.


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